With the adoption of the revised public notification rule (PNR), water suppliers need to now be aware of the more stringent Tier violation notification requirements. Depending on the type of violation a water system has determines the amount of time by which they have to inform their customers. Without this knowledge, a water supplier may face multiple violations, fines and negative public reaction. Gemini Group offers a simple solution that is inexpensive and meets all stringent compliance requirements.

Simply send us your approved violation notice along with your customer mailing list and we'll print and mail your reports within 7 days!

We can also assist you with producing all other types of communication items such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Lead Information Brochures
  • Disinfection Information Brochures
  • Water Conservation Brochures
  • Violation Notices
  • Various Public Information Brochures
  • Wastewater Reports
  • And more...

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