Because You Matter

Why Choose Gemini Group?

When there's a compliance violation, it's YOUR reputation and career on the line.

While we can’t protect you from all regulatory compliance problems, we can help you create perfectly compliant Consumer Confidence Reports. In fact, we offer a No-Worries Compliance Guarantee that your reports will always meet your state’s requirements.

For more than 20 years, Gemini Group has successfully managed the production and distribution of more than 80 Million CCRs throughout the country.

Consumer Confidence Reports

At Gemini Group, we guarantee your CCR will be perfectly compliant. Period. We’ll help you write your report and give you a professionally designed CCR that can be delivered to your customers or posted on the Internet.

Violation Notifications

Gemini Group offers a simple, fast and inexpensive solution anytime you need to notify your customers of violations relating to the Public Notification Rule.