CCR Compliance

Fast, Simple, Inexpensive, and


What We Do For You

Whether you need printed reports or just an electronic version for posting on the Internet, we have the perfect program for you. We handle everything from start to finish: guaranteed compliance, customized design with optional printing, mailing, foreign language translation, and Web hosting services. You simply complete a short “interview” through our online report generator and send us any pictures, graphic images, mailing lists, etc., and we’ll handle the rest – it’s really that easy!

  • We’ll help you write your report
  • Exclusive use of our simple, step-by-step online report generator
  • 100% No-Worries Compliance Guarantee – Your CCRs will always be compliant
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff always here when you need us
  • Unlimited access to compliance consultants to answer all your questions
  • Educate your customers with engaging, prewritten, and editable articles from our extensive library
  • Include your own pictures, maps, etc., or use our images for free
  • Get a digital copy of your CCR for posting on your web page
  • Choice of beautifully designed, full-color, brochure-style printed reports
  • Professional design, editing, proofreading, and production services
  • Printing, mailing, and much, much more


Our Process

Full-Service Options

Design Styles

Our reports are beautifully designed and customized to your needs. We can design a report that you want posted on your website or we can print your brochure-style reports in full-color.

Web-Ready Version

Our web-ready report is a printer-friendly, electronic version of your report for posting on the Internet. We will design your report to fit on standard 8.5 x 11 pages so your customers can easily and conveniently print hard copies.

Web Hosting

Our exclusive Web Hosting service complies with the requirements for posting your CCR on the Internet, allowing you to keep an electronic version of your report online for your water customers to view from any computer with Internet access. Your report is presented in a colorful, interactive, 3-D book-style format, allowing your customers to “flip” pages, download, and print on demand.

Mailing Services

We offer a comprehensive and inexpensive mailing service that eliminates all of the confusion associated with US Postal Service regulations and restrictions. Our service includes CASS Certification, sorting, labeling, and delivery to the Post Office.


Mailing a postcard is an inexpensive alternative that lets your customers know where they can view your report on the Internet. We provide customizable templates in which you can add your logo/seal, URL address, QR Code, etc.

Foreign Language Translation

You can inexpensively provide your customers with fully translated versions of your Consumer Confidence Report. Choose between full-color, brochure-style printed reports and/or a fully designed electronic version of your translated report for easy viewing on any computer with Internet access.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Public water systems are required to provide information that is accessible to all members of the public. Specifically, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act stipulate how documents are to be made available to the general public. Although not specifically part of the CCR rule it does, however, address the need for systems to make a ‘best faith effort’ to make the CCR available to all their consumers.